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Nida Elhag Goes to College

Nida Elhag

Born in Saudi Arabia, Nida never had a chance to live in her country, Eritrea, because of the war. Nida has only been in the United States for a year and a half but she is already enrolled in her final college writing class in the ESOL program at USM. She is currently a freshman at USM where she says, "It's a whole new experience for me. I live in a dorm now. I'm seeking a degree in pharmacy and the program in USM is a two year program for pre-pharmacy. After, I have to transfer to study four more years." While juggling her classes, Nida is employed by a Mexican restaurant. She adds, "I'm still working there. I used to work full time but now I'm working less hours so I can focus on school. I still worry about the future, the school loans, my family and my English but still I'm happy in my life and I'm trying to enjoy every day."

Audio courtesy of Stephanie Philbrick
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